Zakir Naik on NDTV talk show – A Review

The moment i heard Dr. Zakir Naik is taking part in the NDTV talk show “we the people”, I made myself available to see how this time Barkha dutt is going to sideline the arguments of a renowned personality. Well i forgot that there is a level of dishonesty from her side using which she can sideline just anyone. As expected, he was not given enough chance to speak and the focus was completely on Shahrukh khan of Bollywood. Not just that, second person who got the chance to speak more was Karan Johar!

Anyways, Here is my little analysis:

Let’s begin from the right side of the screen.

Kabir khan: This fellow seems to be a result of too much pestering by his parents on following Islam, without actually having explained to him why he is required to follow it. Guess he never knew why and what Islam is all about. He appears to be apologetic and wants to run away from real Islam! He was actively using the word “moderate Muslims”, referring to himself and people alike. But the moment Dr. Zakir Naik said that there is nothing called liberal,moderate, or extremists Muslims and instead there is only practicing or non practicing Muslims, this guy changes his word and retracts suddenly saying “the so-called Muslims”. He knew he cannot speak Garbage about Islam in front of Dr Naik or Moulana Madani.

Moulana Mahmoud Madani: I found him quite an interesting person with proper intelligence in handling such situations. He too, like Zakir Naik, got very less time to respond. So he did not go for any explanations and simply used humor and pushed the ball to others. However, he did raise good question on stereotyping a Muslim with a beard as against Non bearded Muslim.

Alyque Padamsee:
This person renounced religion and is, correct me if i am wrong, an atheist. But he does speak a lot in favor of Islamic scholars who actively denounce killing of innocents. He also appreciated the stance taken by scholars in denouncing terrorism. Since this guy doesn’t believe in any religion, he has nothing to lose! (Ahem! I mean in this show :-) )

Karan Johar: Being a Non Muslim, he did proper analysis and was sincere and fair in his statements. He did raise fingers on those educated people who try to take anti-Muslim stance. He also stated that the reason he took up the project of making films depicting Islam to be opposite of what is portrayed by western media is because of an incident where 6 Non Muslim educated graduates were talking crap and wrong about Islam and that he wanted to correct this ideology which might be amongst millions of people around the world after watching western media. He also frankly spoke about the Hijab problems, the restriction of personal freedom, the issue of personal choice and about attaching religion to evil acts. In reality, he spoke better on behalf of Islam than the Ghalib fan, Najib Jung!

Shahrukh Khan: He is far superior to all others sitting in on the center stage in handling such Media based dialogues that requires special skills of answering in just one or two sentences. Shahrukh has been speaking about him being Muslim and how proud he is to follow Islam in many of his talks lately. His ignorance of Islam oozes out when he  emphasizes on feeling Islam than following it.  But he does agree to the fact that he lacks knowledge on Islam and that was really brave in accepting. This shows that the person is sincere and ready to learn the truth. Although some of his statements also showed signs of kufr, but yet, ignorance of knowledge could be the reason.  He also adds that he is a bad follower of Islam and that his film acting is against Islamic rules. This shows that at least (maybe) he is beginning to learn about Islam now. He also said that Islamic scholars are very important for true understanding of Islam. He talks about scholars being specialists in Islam. I would rather prefer taking a positive stance on him, with a hope that Allah will one day give him complete Hidayah and bring him into complete Islam. But all in all, what i like about this person is that he publicly says he is proud to be a Muslim. He just needs to learn the proper Islam to strengthen his stance on this.

But in order for my readers to understand, i would like to clear what Kufr is. As far as the teachings of Islam are concerned, Kufr is a serious matter. A belief of this kind takes people out of the fold of Islam entirely. There is no room for any kind of Kufr in Islam.  Unless a person stops committing Kufr, he cannot call himself a Muslim because Muslims belief (i.e. Imaan) and kufr don’t go hand in hand, they are rather two opposites. A person can either be a Muslim or be a Non Muslim. There is no role in between these two called half Muslim and half Non Muslim.

An appeal to his Muslim fans: You may consider him good actor, nice person, good intellect and your favorite personality, but don’t make the mistake of learning Islam currently from him. He is yet to learn a lot about the basic fundamentals about Islam. He needs to know the true Islam and simultaneously denounce Kufr. Anyone who agrees with the Kufr that he speaks, has himself fallen into Kufr. Take my 2 cents, Becoming fans of personalities like Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) or his companions will be worthwhile in this life and in hereafter. Also if we really love Shahrukh Khan, then let us make an effort in bringing him into the real Islam. The Islam that is taught by Quran and Sunnah and not the Islam of celebrities. Shahrukh is intelligent and polite person. I don’t think that he would say ‘NO” if you walk up to him and request for sometime to speak about Islam. I don’t know if this would happen, but inshallah, if i get an opportunity, i will surely present the correct Islam to Shahrukh.

and if ever Shahrukh Khan happens to read this article of mine, i only appeal to him to give us a meeting appointment so that we get a chance to present the true Islam to him. Surely much better life awaits us in the hereafter than the life of this world.

If you really want to be a fan of a person who comes on TV and Videos, then a million times better hero than Shahrukh Khan was sitting on the center stage who was ignored by the Media; That was Dr. Zakir Naik! :-)

We can only pray to Allah to give Shahrukh Khan hidayah and get him to the true path of Islam. And if someone has the means to reach him to do Da’wah, call us up!

Note: For those of my readers who don’t understand what Kufr is, please check it out here: KUFR

Soha Ali khan: This lady had no clue why she was sitting there. Looks like she owed to NDTV or else why would NDTV punish her by making her sit in the show? :-) This woman has no idea what Islam is nor does she know what faith is. She says her religion is a personal matter with God. Gosh! such a pathetic argument of the past. It’s no use talking about her role in the show.

Dr. Zakir Naik: He needs to understand that such shows are meant to just punch each others argument with a single liner. One cannot try to explain big concepts in just few seconds. Although his statements were bold, huge and true; too much of noise pollution sidelined them to some extent. To top this, Burkha dutt as expected did not give fair time to Dr Zakir naik. This was clearly evident.

But hold on, that’s Zakir naik :-) ! He just doesn’t walk away without really sparking a thought process in people’s mind irrespective of how much time he is given. And as i thought, he did the same. If you carefully observe his statements, they tickled the brain of the viewers who would later go and check its authenticity. He knew there were millions of people watching the show (including viewers who don’t watch Peace TV) and he took this as a golden opportunity to ignite the spark of re-investigating the 911 attack, which was the origin of this entire concept of Terrorism and Muslims getting stereotyped.

He cleared informed there were 75  DVDs released of top American analysts and professors who proved that 911 was inside job. He also quoted two site names before Burkha Dutt cut him off. He quoted (and one more site name which slipped my mind). People would surely go back and check these and hence find out the truth for themselves. So even though time given to him was not fair, he completed his job. He made the following punching lines:

  • There is nothing called moderate or liberal Muslim. There is only Practicing Muslim, Partially practicing Muslim and Non Practicing Muslim.
  • It is a duty of a Muslim to tell others about the truth of Islam.
  • Blaming Osama bin laden or Taliban to be Terrorists based on CNN and BBC versions is wrong and unfair. It is important to give fair hearing to such allegations and check the truth before blaming someone to be terrorists. The videos shown are nothing but morphed which generally Media is good at.
  • 911 was an inside job and cannot be performed by Arabs.
  • Physical appearance (beard, cap etc) do not come under 70 major sins of Islam. So there are more important things over and above the physical appearance in Islam. But to follow complete Islam, physical look is important.

These statements were more than enough to make people think twice about their stance. Shahrukh himself was carefully listening to these arguments and looked impressed. (That’s my observation, maybe i am wrong :-) ).

Also he boldly spoke out the truth, without fearing anyone unlike others. His confidence showed his trust on Allah and how he can go to any limit to speak the truth without fearing anything.

All in all, Zakir naik completed his Dawah to all the viewers of NDTV! May Allah preserve him!

Najeeb Jung: This person looked like one of those who everyone in the show were referring as “Lunatic Fringe”! Well actually this word was being used by all the “so called” Muslims on the center stage (except Dr. Naik and Moulana Madani) for the scholars of Islam. But in reality, all of them were a part of that “Lunatic Fringe” team. The guy sounded more like a Zionist than a Muslim. Well what can i comment on him, lets leave him to his own person.

The best part was when a bearded elderly man (Dr. Shoeb, ain’t that you ;-) ), asked if Islam has multiple definitions or just one definition from Quran and Sunnah. He raised this question whenever every “moderate” Muslim on the center stage were giving their version of definition of Islam. One said, you must feel Islam; while another one said you must not show Islam, while the third one said “Islam is my private matter with God”! LOL :-)

Conclusion of this show:

  • Shahrukh and karan were given more time compared to others as if only they represent Islam.
  • The show disrespected such eminent personalities of Muslim world like Dr. Zakir Naik and Moulana Mahmoud Madani by not allowing them to speak about the topic.
  • Barkha Dutt once again showed her biasness towards wanting Muslims to give up their real Islam and adopt the so called modern Islam. She mercilessly called the scholars of Islam as “Lunatics” and kept on giving opportunity to those who would speak against the real Islam. The whole show looked like a pre-planned setup and not a natural debate.

We expect better show quality from NDTV and fair anchor-ship from Barkha Dutt!


  1. saleh says:

    Dear Mr. Imran,

    fair enough….

    I really hope Muslims (especially bollywood fans) to open their minds and evaluate themselves, how can Muslims sit together (or alone for that matter) and watch that filth, especially disgusting is when parents watch them with their children, dont they see what effect will that have on children as they grow up?????!!! unfortunately it is programs like these on NDTV which further make Muslims view Shahrukh Khan and the likes as an authority on Islam..
    may Allah guide us all to the right path

  2. mustafa hussain says:

    may peace, mercy & blessings of almighty Allah(swt) be on you all,

    Today i happeneed to see the program, we the people, in which all the bollywood people were there, along with brother zakir, and i am totally unhappy to tell that MEDIA ONCE AGAIN PLAYED DOUBLE STANDARDS, barkha dutt, supposed to be a generalist, forgot the rights of “TIME ALLOTMENT”. many questions asked to zakir bhai were given only maximum 30seconds to answer, were as others were given 2-3minutes.
    All the answers to the questions were interrupted by others, to cut down brother’s answer & to get it out of context.





  3. Qassim Baig says:

    Dear Brothers/sisters
    Be careful of film “My name is Khan” that is against the Islamic facts. Khan is just ‎Muslim by name; he does not have Iman in his heart. If he would have Iman he ‎would never choose film profession as his source of income which is haram second he ‎would never marry a non-Muslim that he is conducting Zina with his wife. At present his advising through film people to do same. These ‎people are hypocrite Muslim (rationalist) they do not want to be under the region they ‎wanted keep religion under him to use as per their convenience.‎

    Do not follow these people follow Allah’s quaran for marriage Allah says:

    ‎“and verily, a believing slave is better than a (free) Mushrik (idolater), even though he pleases ‎you” [al-Baqarah 2:221]‎

  4. Naveed says:

    Allah is always with truth.This media themselve showed that they were wrong and not true people.As Allah said ‘Truth stands out clear from falsehood’.Though Br.Zakir naik was not given chance but Allah showed the world through their channel how patient he was and peaceful to tolerate their injustice.If shahrukh khan and others wants to lead their lives according to their perspective without following the rules of Allah,they are at loss and not realizing it now.But when the truth will come in front of them till that time it will be very late for them to tell now i want to be a practising muslim.They may live a wealthy and famous life in this world but what will be their fate after they die?not thinking…May Allah give hidaya to all human kind to walk on straight path and give Br.Zakir Naik more knowledge and power to stand firm for islam and proctect him always.Ameen All our prayers are with him.

  5. nagesh butt says:

    well a great topic to be discussed but mishandled by the so called – peoples voice (media). everyone please think once, if this movie was not on muslims would there be any existence for this debate on NDTV.y would any religion be disrespected or praised on the acts of its followers.every religion atlast has the same fundamentals.i strongly believe ISLAM never teaches hatred,killing of innocense etc neither any other relogions on earth. Someone is definitely responsible there to bring a black spot to the great religions like ISLAM. So plzz, media stop portraying islam as bad.

  6. True Indian Muslim says:

    Here is my humble contribution… I did see the show and I am sorry to say my views on this are diametrically opposite.. Let me explain this in perspective…

    My 1st point is on my take on these scholars / celebs who came for this show.. They are learned — they are scholars — and thats why they were called and none of us werent. They are scholars with far more exposure and guts to speak their minds rather than be typecast… I appreciate them for thinking differently – irrespective of their intensity of faith… Its very easy to pass judgements and comments about Alyque Padamsee, SRK, Soha ALi Khan, Kabir Khan etc…. I personally can say the same abt Dr. Z…. I find him to be very one tracked — My personal opinion….

    First of all – Why do people debate about Islam??
    To begin with – Its because of the fanatical statements that a minority of muslim extremists make that the name of the whole religion gets tarnished and I do agree when you tell me that Media is the reason but…. Again……. Can there be a Flame without a spark??

    I have an open question to throw to all of you –> There are extremists in other religions and there are fanatics in other religions – why is it that the religion doesnt get a bad name in those cases???
    My answer to that is the word “Jihad” which simply corrolates that the religion teaches the same… I dont know if you remember but soon after 9/11 I remember Osama having said on Video that he has been sent by Allah to fight this war —- For a minute think of yourself as a 3rd person from another religion viewing Islam… What will be your perspective?? Because we are born into Muslim families we know what Islam says and we also know the goodness… But how about an outsider ??? No religion teaches violence and eliminating ones brother to prove a point.. So how does a person from another religion view mine??.. Everyone is Allah’s creation is he not?? So whats all this about??? What if one of your relatives was in that flight in 9/11 or in the 2 towers that day or in the 26/11 attack?? Would you still say Osama or an Islamic extremist wasnt responsible (even after he came on TV, sent out videotapes etc.) — a few days back my blood boiled when I saw Hafiz Saeed say that “26/11 in Mumbai was a trailor – there is more to come!!! ” — Guys —> View this in perspective — where is that man’s respect for human life / god’s creation — what word is he spreading — what religion is he practising — which religions name is he tarnishing??? Allah has given each of us a mind to think – - So think for yourself…

    If anyone should be downcast out there it should be Dr.Z. He supposedly is a learned scholar and knows the in’s and outs’s of Islam… (Or so he says) … He says Osama is not responsible for the 9/11….He is spreading a wrong word again and thats a bad move as he has many followers…. I am sorry — but I beg to differ on this…. Websites, Journals, Media might say what they want but a persons words cant be altered…. What attire is Dr.Z dressed in?? Why does he pose for photos in a suit (why not wear the dress of the Arabs?) when he proclaims to go all out on Islam…. Considering this man has so many followers he shouldnt spread a wrong word saying Taliban, Osama etc. wasnt responsible for 9/11. Thats absolutely wrong – I dont go by what CNN / BBC or any other biased channels have said but by the people themselves who have taken ownership of whats happened. I dont think anywhere in our religion has something been mentioned as kill the innocent to prove a point (infact no religion teaches that) –> so again I wonder what these extremists were playing at… The fact that he perceives that Taliban and Osama arent responsible for 9/11 doesnt go down well with the audience… More judgements about Islam are made by the general public thanks to this hero !!

    Its very easy for us to sit in one safe country/state and enjoy the luxuries of living it up… Go try living in Congo, Mozambique, Iraq,Zaire etc….. The extremists from other religions will massacre you,……. Extremism in any form and any religion is nasty…. Its an evil to society and it should be suppressed…

    “By doing anything in excess – even a fruit of Jannat can turn into poison” – By writing this mail I didnt mean to hurt anyone’s sentiments – Am sorry if I have– instead I want to just reach out to all of you in my own little way to tell you that — although I am not a 5 time Namazi I do have certain values in me that I believe are in line with what Islam preaches… I am sure all of you are far better, pious and balanced muslims than me… I firmly believe that in my own little way I will try to make people change their wrong perception about Islam by projecting Islam to be a tolerant, humanity respecting religion….


    And P.S. – Barkha or nobody else was being biased… if anyone is biased its Dr. Z. Cmon — its a freakin debate where there will be differences of opinion… not a one tracked conversation !!

  7. Athaur Rahman says:

    Jazakallah Mr. Imran Ali. Nothing to add more except more emphasis on Barkha Dutt’s role in previous debates also about Islam or Muslim.

  8. Irfan Jamal says:

    Dear Brother Ali,

    Good Reply! May Allah reward you.

    You can also check the reply by Brother Umar Shariff (President of D.I.E.T.) in this link

    If you are planning to send a message to NDTV, I request you to please consolidate the opinions and send it.

    Jazak Allahu Khair!


  9. Mohammed Rafi says:

    As-salam Alikum w.r.b.,

    I watched this show and felt that Burkha Dutt did not give that much chance to Dr. Zakir Naik. She is really had done her homework and did not give that much time. Also, i noted that when she asked about Bin Laden to Dr. Zakir Naik and he belives in that videos – when he told that NO – she told ‘come on’ Zakir Naik as if he is liying, even when he explained to her that one of American jouranlist was not agreeing with the tapes that were aired on Al Jazira TV – becos the way Taliban tie their turban are not the same as what they are showing on the TV?

    May Allah give peace and show right path to us.

  10. Dr. Salim says:

    AsSalaam Alaikum.

    Loved the review bro!
    but i did feel that Dr. Zakir Naik should’v chosen to speak like Moulana Madni (but thats just a personal opinion)

    Dont know if any1 noticed… but when the thing about sikhs, their turbans / beards came up, the anchor just literally jumped n cut it saying “its different” in this case.

    All n all one msg did come out clear in the end (which ws the only good thing i felt) is that the association of the word terrorism with islam should NOT happen

  11. Mir says:

    Assalam-alaikum (Peace and blessing be unto all of you).

    There are two or three different topics here – one is purely political, second one is a social issue and third is a religious (islamic) point of view regarding ‘terrorism’ and speaking on topics that we do not have absolute proof on (daleel).

    Lets handle the religious aspect first – Islam absolutely forbids killing of non-combatants even in the time of open war. Killing of any person who professes the shahadah is also forbidden. Thus if anyone carried out the attacks on 9/11 (obviosuly someone did, with someone elses backing), WE HAVE TO CONDEMN IT. Second we do not know for a fact who did it. We do not have proof of if it was Osama bin Laden or his group, or it ‘CIA bin America’. Either way as Muslims it is our reponsibility to speak out only as much about which we have absolute proof (not just a belief). If we do not have that or we lack the resources to gather them, we should only talk about the false proof that others have provided AND NOTHING BEYOND THAT.
    I do believe that brother Zakir did over extend himself by appearing to defend bin Laden not that he openly supported him.
    Islam is an open religion which covers all aspects of life. Muslims should participate in open debates on its principles using daleel from Qur’an and hadith, and not shy away from debates. That is one thing Dr. Zakir does a wonderful job in and I do highly appreciate that. Regarding this topic, he has said what he believes and he has a right to do that. He might not be correct, but he has the right.

    Second issue about the Social aspect – it is a shame that we Muslims have to resort to arguing about movies and movie stars and use that in our arguments. Movie stars are nothing but modern day ‘prostitu….’. Since when have they become the guardians of our faith? What was shown in ‘My name is Khan’ is haraam islamically (although it can be justified if the character was shown to be mentally incapable of distinguishing Halaal and Haraam). Either way that is not a barometer to measure Muslims with. Muslims for too long receeded in a shell away from all debates in India and have allowed buffones like Shahrukh, Dilip Kumar, Shabana Azmi and her father Kaifi Azmi, and unscrupulous politicians define what Islam is for us, leading to all this turmoil where even a dacoit like Zardari can claim that he is doing the work of Allah(swt). It is time more of us stand up and take back what Islam really is and do so solely in the light of the Qur’an and hadith.

    This leads to our final issue – Politics. The rise of Taliban or even “Al-Qaeda” was not due to some turmoil in Islam. It was due to weak Muslims fighting among ourselves giving other the chance to others to intefere in our lands. Everyone, including western scholars and religous Muslims agree on that. And this can only be resolved if we as Muslims rise up and take our matters in our own hands and resolve our internal disputes in peace and respect. But one thing is clear – Islam lays down the rules for everything – from politics to war and even revenge. If we see individuals bombing Masjids in the name of Islam on Friday (no matter who is behind it) we should stand up and condemn it. Likewise if a girls school is blown up just because some of the women do not observe the hijab, that has to be condemned as Haraam. Muslims should be responsible for our actions. If there is an overlord making Muslims do it, then it is even more shameful as Allah(swt) has FORBIDDEN any other overlord over the Muslim community.

    Similarly, if a Muslim stands up and tries to clear up the name of Islam, without sounding apologetic, and puts forwards the solution that Islam offers we should applaud him and stand by him. If he over-reaches sometimes (he is human too), we should politely and privately try to pass on the message to him.
    Dr. Zakir, my salaam unto you for doing what you are doing. Keep up the good work and may Allah(swt) bless you for having the courage to speak up.

  12. FARRUKH says:

    Dear Brother Imran Ali,

    please read the belwo comments .
    Shaikh Abdullah al-Farsi on Shahrukh Khan’s utterances of Major Kufr

    Bismillah Ar-Rahmaan Ar-Raheem

    Audio Link:
    Recently, a talk show in India did a program on the “Muslim Identity”, on which they invited a panel of famous Muslims to express their opinion. On the panel were some famous Muslim actors and film personalities, including the famous actor Shahrukh Khan; Dr. Zakir Naik was also invited to this panel.

    Usually Muslim film personalities are known to express strange opinions on Islam, and their voice reaches the general film going folk. This time however, with the involvement of Dr. Zakir naik, this event was widely promoted and publicized in Islamic circles, and the statements of Kufr and heresy uttered were heard by many practicing Muslims, who normally would not be subjected to this talk.

    As expected the film personalities got all the talk time, Dr. Zakir wasn’t allowed to clarify much, and the actors said many things that contradict the very foundations of Islam.

    The people who promoted this event, and amongst them are heads of organization that claim to specialize in comparative religion and calling non-Muslims to Islam, did not find it necessary to respond to the false ideas people were exposed to as a result of this program.

    Their reviews were mostly that the media is biased against Muslims and it was a conspiracy that Dr. Zakir Naik was given very little time. Extremely deficient reviews!!!

    In this context we have directed a number of questions to our sheikh, Abdullah al-Farsi (hafidhahullah) specifically about the statements and utterances of the actor Shahrukh Khan who attributes divinity to idols, approves of Idol-worship, approves participation in idol-worshipping ceremonies and is a passionate caller to his ways of disbelief.

    In this mp3 lecture, you will find insha’allah a detailed discussion on the issues, where the sheikh explains that the Kufr (disbelief) of this individual is clear and apparent, and that the ruling of being a Kaafir and outside the millah of Islam applies to him from many angles. And this is such a clear and apparent matter that anyone who sees it and denies this individual’s being a Kaafir, is a Kaafir himself.

    Audio Link:
    My obervation is that Mr.Zakir Naik And Moulana Madni should avoid such tpye talk Show.
    And My Question is we dont that we have much and more bigger Issue then ? That Muslim all over world haveing Problem Ulama such avoide any comments that Particuler issue you are much literate then me now you need to raised voice on that !

  13. sarfaraz ali khan says:

    Walekum-Assalaam to all who wished me and assalaam-waleykum for others to join later.
    This is in response to True Indian Muslim had said about the show.
    As my brother has said he dosent have to go to the CNN or BBC to check whether Osama planned the 9/11 attack if he did not see it on the media channels then where did he see it and on which channel he saw that Osama took the ownership or which newspaper he read it.See I am not supporting Osama, if he has done it we condemn but if he has has not then brother just on the basis of suspect 50000 Afghanis were killed. I would like to ask you have you seen LOOSE CHANGE? If you have not then see it. This documentary has not been done by any muslim it has been done by an American and you will see that the Taliban speaking in english though you might not understand Arabic they asked for a proof from the Americans that Osama was behind it and they said if they provide it then they themselve will hand over Osama this telecast was just shown once on the news channel and after that it was never shown Brother you said go to Iraq, Zaire,Congo brother I would like you to just wear the muslim attire and go to Assam the Ulfa is going to butcher you like anything they are specially trained to kill muslims 749 confirmed attacks, guess what Zakir Naik did in his full attire gave a pulic speech, Alhumdolillah this is power of Islam to walk on the way of ALLAH. If you are not doing your duty dont ask others to stop doing Dawah .I appreciate that you are trying to teach others in your own sweet way but what about the rest who would teach them this man runs a channel which is viewed over 70 million people it has outbeaten the God TV.Bro our job is to deliver the message not to convert them so that on the judgement day you can give the shahada that U deliverd his msg to them but atleast try and who knows you might open the doors of heaven for someone and this man has openned the door to heaven for 100′s.
    May Allah give peace and show all of us the right path .

  14. Aadil Baig says:

    Dear Brother @True Indian Muslim

    I just happened to go through your comment above i respect your opinion brother but i would really want to bring up some points so that you can analyze the who scenario …

    1) Can there be a Flame without a spark?? how about putting the fuel 1st and then the spark or it can vice versa …
    2) Understanding who controls the media and how they work and how they put the message accross … I would give you all links to some documentries by BBC and i request every1 to go through for a better understanding and this documentries are only for all our information which might be an eye opener to many all the matters on Al Qaeda , terrorism , 9/11 etc.. have been exposed long back with evidences .. This documentry movies are just to show you all the other side of the coin and i am sure many of them must have already seen it .. please find the below links and make sure you watch all of them part by part and then post your reviews some may accept the fact and some may not and those who may not accept it need to do some intense research ..
    (this is has 48 parts each part is about 5-6 mins)

    The power of nightmares by BBC World (Watch all the parts)

    (Watch the whole movie)

    Once you go through the videos many of them will change their perception..

    I do agree there are some extremist with an ideology who claim that muslim leader are kafirs or apostates and their war is against israel , america and every ruler who supports them and they believe this to be Jihad this kind of Jihad is not from Islam . People who spread this kind of ideology are known as Khawarij and these people were called the dogs of the hell fire by Prophet Muhammad PBUH.. But no matter what these people do not believe in killing innocent people there is big time political conspiracy which you would understand once you go through the videos.. Islam or Muslims are not to be blamed for it.. If Dr.. Z… defends some1 it doesnt mean he is in favour of their ideology or he supports these acts all he is trying to do is present the other side of the coin or story.. Every scholar can make a mistake as none of us are perfect we all need to accept things when we are given proofs , Extremism in any form is forbidden in Islam but what exactly is extremism , If you say wearing a cap , hijab , having a beard , wearing a white thobe as the arabs , wearing the pants above the ankles etc is extremism i dont think there is anything extreme about it.. Now talking about people who you claim have taken ownership of committing such an like 9/11 firstly how well do you understand the arabic language in the videos you must have seen , do you completely rely on the translation that has been produced dont you think these video can be morphed , I guess there was an hindi movie few years back called mission istanbul you would again have an idea how the western media works and i am sure a lot of things will be cleared once you go through all the above video with an open mind.. no offence but i am always ready to give you proofs and evidence and the rest depends and how you research and change your opinions when things are made apparent to you and people from other religion.. I guess its better i discuss things once you go through the video so we know where we are sailing.. please do not take anything personally..

  15. Raashid says:

    TO True Indian Muslim

    1) First of all why do you call yourself True Indian Muslim?
    The discussion is nothing to do with India.
    There is no True Indian and True American Muslim…
    But there are only True Muslim and Fake Muslim.

    For identification you can call Indian, American, Pakistan …Muslims.

    2) The claim that 9/11 is inside work is discussed by various experts in the field of Engineering, Aviation, Security ext., are based on Technology, Science and Logics. But the stand what you support is just news and baseless.

    If you know technology you will understand there is no any counter argument based on Science and Technology for the stand that 9/11 is inside work.

    But no problem at all if you have no this knowledge. Just find a friend or known person with good Civil /Mechanical Engineering background. I believe Engineers are normally regional people. They will not lie to you.

  16. Rashid says:


    The only thing I would like to comment is Dr.Zakir Naik Should have argued about the pattern of the so called dialogue he should have demanded some time only for himself (at the time of invitation by NDTV) as he was the most eligible person to speak on this topic.

  17. abulrizwan says:

    The name of the other movie that Dr Zakir Naik mentioned in his show was ” Loose Change”. It is available on youtube and a must watch for all.

  18. Abdullah says:

    Aslam alia kum,dear bro and sir,i have seen dr zakir program on ndtv, my name is khan,it is flim only for deaviate muslim,and manuplate théir belief ok,plz

  19. AsSalamualaikum,

    I think the show was to promote My Name is Khan and it was totally useless and baseless show. They just used the Islamic personalities for their show to promote.

    Dr. Zakir Naik has a media platform and I would suggest that he should speak from his stage on the points where he was not given chance to speak.

    I STRONGLY condemn the idea of such debate which is to spoil the Muslim’s faith and I also denounce sitting and keeping quite in such debates where “Wahdatul Adyan” concept is promoted!

    I want to know what religion is written in the passport’s of Mr. Sharukh Khan’s son in the religion column. If Muslim is written there, then he can say the same in school too…don’t you think? It should not be a big deal!

    May Allah Protect India from all kinds of evils as well as Muslims those who are participating in the country’s growth by the Grace of Allah.

    Mohammed Aqil

  20. Aadil Baig says:

    People should clink and read the below link for a better understanding!/note.php?note_id=361113668343&id=666609492&ref=mf

  21. adil siddiqui says:


    i agree with the earlier reader. The main point to note is that islam is not what you see in the dhargas or madrassas or the tv.

    islam is defined in the koran and through the life of the prophey pbuh. i think we the people shopuld have another show with madani sahib and zkir naik with more details. but islam has 2 dimensions feeling and looking, physical and spiritual.

  22. AK MAL KHAN says:


    Soon IRF will put the sequel of this program on youtube and you will get to know the real facts behind these media people.


  23. Talat Aziz says:

    Just found this on wikipedia..thought you may be interested to know:

    The word shirk is derived from the Arabic root Š-R-K (ش ر ك)

    You know what I mean :)

  24. Iftikhar Islam says:

    I completely agree with Br. M.I. Ali.

    Dr. Zakir Naik always leave the desk with marks, and rightly pointed and higlighted by you.

    May Allah protect us

    Iftikhar Islam

  25. haris says:

    Amazing article. Very crisp. Keep up the good work. You have a good eye, but I don’t think Barkha was being as biased as we might feel, seeing the show. If you’ve seen other episodes of We the People, you would know they have a fundamental time problem – they take in more guests than they can handle. This is why they blabber too much with people who are not qualified to speak, and wind up with a bunch of polarized opinions.

    Nevertheless, she did find Dr Zakir Naik’s bin Laden comment a little too “controversial”, so she skipped it more than she generally does. This in addition to the fact that NDTV must have promised to give SRK and KJ more airtime to talk about MNIK, simply cuz otherwise SRK and KJ would never appear on We the People. The pretext of MNIK discussion was a great incentive used by NDTV to lure the duo into the show.

  26. adduonline says:

    Why are Muslims so obsessed with celebrity scholars?

  27. mukhtar inamdar says:

    i am trying to understand like a big subject & this helps loooooot

  28. Faisal says:

    The show was not a healthy discussion , since the parsonalities called in were just the statue to fill up the space on stage parhapes barkha could have called shahrukh , karan & soha spacifically to generate the publicity of the show because there are lot of viewers in india dying to watch them on such a show without even understanding what they are saying . What ever they have said that does not have any worth in front of views Dr.naik could have given , had he been given a chance . The show was rather be called as “MY NAME IS KARAN SOHA KHAN” by barkha .

  29. Aslam says:


    Let’s pray to Allah to give Barkat dutt hidayah understand meaning of Islam.

    She is not qualified for this show, proofed herself and NDTV weakpoint from this show.

    Kindly request to NDTV management send her training center, how to conduct such show. Give engough/equal time to each speaker to address his view point. Otherwise change name
    “National dumb tv show” (NDTV)

    Since she don’t know about her own religion and background. How dare she talk about Islam. She did, what NDTV paid for her.
    She forgot hell the fire.

  30. AKMAL KHAN says:
  31. ishfaq kashmiri says:

    Nice review bro
    i personaly feel that bro zakir was only invited to raise the TRP of the channel. what can 1 expect from soha ali who gets semi nude on screen to know about islam or from srk who agrees that he is a non practicing mu

  32. Nadeem says:

    I saw the program. My comment for those who say that the program was biased is that they should first understand that the program was not organized by a Muslim or for any Islamic cause. Secondly, the time will not be given you have to snatch it. You must also be different and crisp in you presentation like what Sharukh and karan did. I say the presentation of Sharukh was far better that put him dominant throughout the program. Dr. Zakir got the chance but he stuck in some thing else (the scalp cap issue which was deviation form the topic).

  33. Mahaboob Chowdhary says:

    Conclusion of this show:
    * Shahrukh and karan were given more time compared to others as if only they represent Islam.
    * The show disrespected such eminent personalities of Muslim world like Dr. Zakir Naik by not allowing him to speak about the topic.
    * Barkha Dutt once again showed her biasness towards wanting Muslims to give up their real Islam and adopt the so called modern Islam. She mercilessly called the scholars of Islam as “Lunatics” and kept on giving opportunity to those who would speak against the real Islam. The whole show looked like a pre-planned setup and not a natural debate.

    We expect better show quality from NDTV and fair anchor-ship from Barkha Dutt!

  34. shaik ismail Mohd Ashfaq says:

    I watch this TV show Barkha dutta is very unfair with Dr Zakir naik she did not give him much time to express his views therefore i request the anchor Barkha to host a show TV that is fair and benefit for the people of India not just by addressing in a bad manner like she said to Dr zakir naik “come on ” really it hurts me a lot, clearly it is preplanned show , i pray to Allah to give Hidaya to Barkha

  35. Aafaq Khan says:

    very true brother..
    media is real enemy of all Muslims… may Allah swt shower his choicest blessings on each n every Muslim brother n save us from evil actions… AMEEN

  36. Amna says:


    i have question, i live in Winnipeg and i am in confusion of Halal chicken, what is the meaning of Halal chicken? Chicken is a Halal animal we can eat it, but when we go to any cuisine, can we order any chicken item? and in any Muslim country we have frozen food too what is the proof that are Halal food? Please answer this query i am in great confusion please help me out in this matter. waiting for your prompt and positive response.

  37. Amal says:

    Dear Amna! Please be specific to the topic
    this does not speak about Halal food..
    You can refer to many sites about whats Is Halal & how you you eat it. Swine is Harm as a whole
    apart from it for other animals (cow/goat/Chicken..) animal that are not slaughtered according to Islam
    still be harm. if Frozen food comes with halal logo you can consider to have it though i m not 100% sure about halal product comes from Brazil

  38. Amna says:

    Thank you for ur reply above mentioned reply is good enough to understand and thats exactly what i was asking. Thanx again. JazakAllah khair

  39. ZAHID AHMED says:

    Lot of sins are committed by muslims but i would like to comment on film faternity even pakistan or any other .Intentional looking at a opposite gender either way is haram but in films you cross all limits against surah NOOR(24) then sin in ignorance is forgiven if forgiveness is seeked from allah repeated in full knowledge or sinning all the liffe thinking of seking forgiveness is not apperciated by allah surah IMRAN (3)VERSE135 also NISA(4) VERSE 17&18. Then this is playing with the word of allah if i name a dog with some muslim name will he be a muslims .In surah NAHL (16) verse 107 these people are behind the wordly name & fame DUNYA . IF person in film industry says he/she is muslim let him come clean give up all he /she has earned through haraam suorce start a new hard earned income if he prefers hereafter and follow the teachings of islam As per me no one is muslim in film line why no FATWA is issued acting is not a islamic way of life or proffession

  40. Jahangir says:

    This show is a clear example of what happens when you throw in practicing Muslims with people who have misconception of being Muslims. A person who was not born in a Muslim family, accepted Islam and practices Islam is more Muslim than a person born into Muslim family and doesn’t practice it. How is SRK a Muslim when he performs idol worshiping considered to be unforgivable sin in islam. How can kabir khan be a Muslim when he doesn’t perform basic duties of Islam and defines Islam according to his convenience. How is soha ali a Muslim when she dances around half naked with men both on screen and off. How is najeeb a Muslim when he has problem even with how Muslims look. How is this “we the people” meaningful when the “people” such as zakir naik and moulana madani were given no time to speak? I don’t want to speak about the other two because one is clear that he is not Muslim and the other doesn’t know what he is. I always wondered how “Muslims” fight among themselves. Now i know.

  41. Momin says:


    Last night I saw this video on youtube, well brother Ali I completely agree with you on the statement that the lady did not shown any loyalty on her show, the programme was set up to discuss within the real muslims/moderate muslims and the focus point was Mr. Zakir and how pity i shoud say the lady did not gave any time to Mr. Zakir.

    Yes ofcourse she was 100% sure that Mr. Zakir would patch the mouths of the hypocrites present on the programme. Especially the hypocrites Najeeb Jung and Kabir Khan, no need to bring the time wasting names like two actors and one useless director.

    Overall the programme was to encourage moderate muslims in their other sense regular muslims (i dont understand how can even they pretend themselves as muslims).

  42. Rehan says:

    my respectable brothers and sisters who made all comments earlier,

    life is very short,
    don’t waste time in these worthless discussions,
    correct yourself through following Quran and Sunnah
    don’t make your ideal anyone except Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)
    May Allah bless you all

    again….. life is very short so hurry up

    100 years




    1 day


  43. gurpreet says:

    I liked true indian muslim’s comment and also read all comments before that .i agree with all.My personal view no to try to make anyone feel negative or inferior about their religion.

  44. Shah Nawaz says:

    Assalamualaykum 2 all momineen.

    There was no debate at all. It was just a talk show. Yes, Burkha Dutt unveiled her pseudo-secular face on the show. I dont follow any jamaat, but find Zakir Naik doing his bit of Dawah, and I feel The way she said “..Come on … Zakir” on 9/11 as if she lives in some remote village. Alhamdulillah I am more than happy, she got caught in that 2G spectrum case. Allah SWT has shown her true face. She takes money to do dealings and helped Congress party in Ministry berth allocation. She lost respect in the eyes of common man. Media is a great agent, in helping every business run, including any countries’ Govt. May Allah give Hidayah to Burkha.

    May Allah take our lives on Kaamil-Eemaan, aameen

  45. Azhar Majeed Khan says:


    Good work brother…

    JazakAllah Khair…

  46. Mohd.shahbaz says:

    All problem’s solution is under holy Quran read and learn. what is wrong and what is right.there is no need to take openion frm Jung or sharukh.if ur bike is not working then u will take it to the mechanic or to the cobler.

  47. Khushi Hussain says:

    first of all, a very warm jazakallah to imran bhai, to give such a clear n awesome review of the show through which, not even Muslims but the non Muslims too are gonna think twice about this very serious topic. actually i my self haven’t seen that episode, came hear bout dat, which made me eager to know more n i m actually thankful to u bhai for giving such a nice review. m totally in favor of yours , as i my self have noticed the discrimination done by the media to the Muslims , as for them v all r terrorists. but as one of our brother have said that, how nicely Dr. naik have proved his devotion to Islam, by being patient even when not given appropriate time , but allah is all knower , creater of all which is on earth , heavens n all end i must say.. whatever the citcumstances were in the show but it itself left the print over the viewers to think again about Islam n go deep to understand what exactly Allah the almighty wants his creatures to do……. dats it…. may Allah bless us alll……:-}

  48. Anjum says:

    True Indian seems to be a media person and prefers to remain hoodwinked to Barkha’s ill-reputed presentation of the programme. However, there are always munafiqs in the community of Muslims. May Allah Ta’ala give him enlightenment.

  49. M.Rafi Nestar says:

    According to me Dilip Kumar was much intelligent when he was in the limelight than these new folks like Sharukh Khan, who are nothing in comparison to the Thesepian.

  50. FAREEZ says:

    Hello, Mr. Imran! From where you are coming from? Aren’t you bias enough when you want Barkha Dutt to focus more on Dr. Zakir than any one else and speak his words and ideas in analysisng about the show. How do you think Dr. Zakir is a genius (OMG). He is a hate-monger who has no place in a multi-ethinic and multi-religious country like India which tolerates his poisonous venoms like any thing. I am Muslim and I do my duties but that doesn’t mean that you play a zero-sum game with other communities. Aren’t you double standard when you have problem, of course me too, with people of other religion making cartoon and talk bad things about Islam or our Prophet (PBHU) but you have no problem rather you clap when Zakir, with his half-truths and fabricated datas, demonize beliefs of others as if Islam is only the religion existing to if Dr. Zakir is authorize by Allah in Quran to speak ills against other religions…as if his logic are ends and we don’t have our own brains to derive logic from. Why to demonize, insult Hinduism or Christianity and make fun of the beliefs of millions. Does it makes Allah (swt) more happy or his Muslimness will be increased manifold if he indulges in such activities in TVs. What is the truth he is talking about or you? His sloppy arguments based on false data is fed to you people at the cost of hurting other fellow communities and you derived happiness out of it and he derive greatness of his own from him. What is so miracle (genius) about him. Memorizing verses of religious texts (yes I won’t be able to do the same and I don’t want to try also) but I challenge him that he doesn’t have the analytical ability as I have. He doesn’t even know the basic fundamentals of DEBATES or argue with reasoning. He gives irrelevant examples to answer and score brownie points and sometimes compel others to convince his pre-judged view. What kind of comparison he does of religions. Lambasting other religions using so-called “scientific language” through false and sometimes fabricated, out of context, examples and analysis. For example, he says that Islam is the fastest growing religion because Islam is increasingly accepted by others. This is totally wrong and Zakir intentionally lied the fact. The fact is Islam is the fastest because of its massive population explosion particularly in poor countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, etc. What is the reason to feel proud of such explosion??? It is Christianity which is at NO. 1 in terms of conversion rate in the world but zAKIR deliberately didn’t point out this. Why he lied. He said that he would give his little son a tight slap if he doesn’t obey him!!! Now he shows unnecessary violence to the kid at young age. Ordinary Muslims and his followers would start giving tight slap to their 10 year old kids if she/he start disobeying. I have been never slapped by my parents or anyone and it has been never in my culture though as a child I had disobeyed my parents and their instructions. I am 28 and mashallah I am as successful as him. There is no need to slap or beat..may be to zakir but not to me. but he argued on stage in such a way as if slapping is a compulsory ordain or necessary… hahaha…hows stupid. My whole question why you would attack others if you don’t want others to attack your belief??? Why??? Why double-standard. What is make himself popularized…You know the consequences, it is bad. I will lead and is leading to communal disharmony. Why doesn’t he let every faiths to co-exist in harmony through collaboration. He insults people’s belief and he seeking that he speaks truth. He divides people in the name of peace that also in a country like India. In name of Allah and His service he shows his supremacist ideology openly over others, ATTACK their beliefs and when he receives threats from religious people of his category , he seeks protection from Police…what A SHAME!!! And you call him a peace lover and Muslim leader. My foot. Why he asked to show the divinity of Ganesh to Hindus. If Hindus ask him back the same question to show Allah in front of them as proof. Can he do that??? Just as we unflichingly believe that Allah exist and He is the greatest of all and his Prophet (PBUH), they also believe in Ganesh. What is the matter? Yours or his or mine non-acceptance will not make any change to their belief and vice-versa. So why you keep on encouraging such hate-mongers? He is an ordinary man, a confident talker and preacher among thousands..he is nothing else. Yes, I also believe that Islam is personal matter. You cannot make it political at least India, there is limit to it. APJ Kalam is a genius and I admire him but never a hate-monger and supremacist like Zakir.

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