Upcoming event: IIF presents Da’wah Online Webnair

Islamic International Foundation is a Kolkatta based Dawah Organization in India. 
As advertised by IIF organizers:
IIF presents Da’wah Online Webnair (DOW)

This week, we conclude the Da’wah Webnair with a reminder with which we started- Importance of Da’wah.
An important reminder by Mir Imran Ali, President PPC (Hyderabad) who is currently pursuing his studies in Madina University.

Kindly register with www.wiziq.com and register for this course (link provided below).. Its FREE and is part of a series of online Da’wah workshop (FREE) scheduled to take place every Thursday at 2300hrs (IST-India).
Amongst the teachers will include Mansoor Danish, Areeb Islam, Umar Shariff, Imran Ali, Ashraf Mohamedy, Ismail Kamdar, Ateeq Ahmed and many more InshaAllaah ta’ala…

This week:
Topic: December 29th-Importance of Da’wah
Instructor: Ustadh Imran Ali (joining us from Madina)
Time: 2300hrs (India Standard Time +530GMT)

For any query please mail: iif.kolkata@gmail.com


  1. rizwan jabri says:

    Assalam alaikum.
    How are you imran. i saw pics of mariyam. mashallah she looks very cute, infact i saw her video where is laughing and making others laugh.
    Any way one of the the reason why i am mailing you is ,i saw couple of videos of your Lecturer on you tube and i am quite impressed .
    i want to see more of those.
    kindly send me the link thru which i can access all your videos.
    Give my regards to Khala pasha.
    Take care.
    Allah hafiz.

  2. mohd kamran says:

    Salam bhai,
    i am kamran why are you not enlightening the fact about reservation of muslim in india.

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